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Zero Larvicide 20kg

Product code: 8539
Brand: Bimeda

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Zero is a larvicide used to control flies and fly larvae in intensive livestock units, manure heaps and landfill sites.
Zero contains a potent growth disruptor specific to all fly species.
Can be used in cattle, horse, pig, poultry, goat sheds, rabbit farms and zoological environments.

(Cyromazine 2% w/w soluble granule (SG) formulation)
Insecticide for Professional Use
  • Prevents larvae from developing in to flies
  • Reduces overall fly challenge
  • Infectious disease vectors are reduced in number
  • Reduces stress caused by nuisance flies
Apply ZERO as either dry granules by dispersal if the manure is liquid or very moist, or dilute 250g in 1-4L of water for spraying or 10L of water for pouring using a watering can.
If the manure is dry apply by pouring only.

Zero Larvicide 20kg

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