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Wasp Pro Trap

Product code: 8963
Brand: Wasp

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The Wasp Pro Trap is a wasp trap designed to be used with the Wasp Lure liquid product, which has been formulated with a pheromone – a chemical highly effective at attracting wasps and other flying insects.

Benefits of Wasp Pro Trap;
  • To be used with Wasp Lure
  • Wasp Lure contains a pheromone that is highly attractive to wasps
  • Wasps enter the Wasp Pro Trap and then become trapped in the Wasp Lure liquid
  • Designed to be used externally
Wasp Pro Trap Instructions for Use
Simply pour the complete bottle of Wasp Lure (buy here) into the yellow moat-base of Wasp Pro Trap. The Wasp Pro Trap is then hung near to the wasp nest. Wasps are attracted to the trap by the organic pheromone lure and enter through the inverted funnel in the trap's base. The wasps then becomes trapped in the liquid and die. Once the moat becomes full with dead wasps, empty the moat with care and simply refill with another bottle of wasp lure.

Wasp Pro Trap

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