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Vulcan AP 2kg

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Brand: Vulcan

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Vulcan AP fly bait is a granular bait insecticide for the control of farm flies in a wide variety of breeding environments and is very easy to use. Vulcan AP has an excellent built in fly magnet with the dual effect of a food attractant and a sexual pheromone.

This fly bait can be applied over specified fly feeding surfaces at a frequency varying from three to four weeks depending on the infestation level.

Vulcan bait can be used to either prevent emergence of farm flies or to reduce fly populations.

Scatter bait from container or other convenient device, inside and around areas where flies are a nuisance. Select places where flies rest or travel (around window frames, watering places, manure storage etc.) and avoid air flows. If scattering on the floor is not possible, put the bait on a tray or plate.

Scatter Vulcan AP fly bait (do not deposit in heaps) at the rate of 25g per 10 square metres of fly feeding area out of the reach of children and animals.

Vulcan AP 2kg

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