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Trapline Mole Trap

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The Mole Trap by Trapline is one of the world's best. A small trap that slides into an intact mole run and is triggered directly by a mole as it passes through its tunnels. It’s fast, effective and consistent each and every use.

Benefits of Trapline Mole Trap;
  • Can be used for moles as well as other burrowing pests
  • Features an automatic trigger
  • Ideal for use on golf courses
  • One of the most consistent and humane pest controls around
Trapline Mole Trap Instructions for Use
Because the Trapline Mole Trap is tripped directly by the mole bumping into the trigger pan, it is in a consistent, predictable position when the trap fires which produces more consistent and humane kills.

Trapline Mole Trap Construction
The Mole Trap by Trapline is constructed from a premium grade stainless steel, so it is strong, durable and extremely effective.

Trapline Mole Trap

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