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Poultry Multivitamin

Product code: 2344B
Brand: Bioshield

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A broad spectrum multivitamin which ensures peak Growth and production. Suitable for all species of poultry and game birds, including chickens, laying birds, hens, broilers, turkeys, and geese.

Poultry Multivitamin Benefits;
  • Boosts vitamin levels during periods of stress
  • Aids in the preparation for the onset of lay, when birds are undergoing massive physiological change
  • Ensures the maintenance of peak growth and production during times of maximum nutrient demand
Dilute 40 ml of multivitamins in 100 litres of clean drinking water during these periods:
  • Day old to 5 days
  • 3 days prior to vaccination
  • 3-5 days during diet programme change
  • At times of disease challenge and peak production
  • During periods of heat stress

Poultry Multivitamin - Vitamins for Laying Birds & Game Birds

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