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Hemexsan Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) 25kg

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Brand: Hemexsan

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Hemexsan powder (Diatomaceous Earth) can be used in poultry or animal housing as it removes moisture and maintains a dry environment. By sprinkling the diatomaceous earth in the nest boxes, bedding and on perches where the chickens roost it will ensure that the environment remains dry, providing an inhospitable environment for mites and other insects.

Diatomaceous earth is a 100% natural silicate product prepared from the fossilised remains of ancient hard-shelled algae from river beds so is totally natural.

Apply Hemexsan via a suitable dust applicator (for example a Polmax duster) at a rate of 30g per square metre of surface area. Pay particular attention to cracks, crevices and harbourages.

HEMEXSAN is a natural earth (Diatomaceous Earth) and is approved as a livestock feed ingredient (E551C - Free flowing agent) so it is non toxic.

Hemexsan is approved by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association as a feed ingredient (Registration No: UKE0194)

Please Note that from 1st September 2015 under EU Biocidal Regulations (BPR) Article 95 we can no longer describe Diatomaceous Earth as being for the treatment of red mite or other insects unless from a licensed source.

Hemexsan Powder (Diatomaceous Earth) - Dry Housing Powder

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