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Cimetrol Super 500ml

Product code: 8883
Brand: Cimetrol

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Cimetrol Super is a new insecticide formulation from Pelgar that controls bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, beetles (and their larvae), flies, mosquitoes, moths(and their larvae) and wasps.
Target Pest Cimetrol Super Water Comments
Crawling Insects
Routine Treatment
Heavy Infestation

5 Litres
5 Litres
Maintenance or ‘spot’ treatment
Attack or ’clean-out’ treatment
Flying Insects
Routine Treatment
25ml 5 Litres For the control of ‘resting insects’

Apply the diluted Cimetrol Super as a coarse low pressure spray. 

Cimetrol Super contains 25% w/w Cypermetrin, 10% w/w Tetramethrin, 20% w/w Pieronyl butoxide and 1% w/w of the insect growth regulator Pyriproyfen, formulated as a micro-capsule suspended in an oil in water emulsion.

Cimetrol Super Insecticide 500ml Bottle

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