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Defra Approved Disinfectants
Farmchem farming supplies stock a wide range of Defra Approved Disinfectants from all major brands including Virkon, Virex, Hyperox and Virophor.

Each product is aimed at controlling specific diseases found on farms and certain areas. This includes; Foot and Mouth Disease Orders, Swine Vesicular Disease Orders, Diseases of Poultry Order and Avian Influenza to name but a few.
Seasonal Products
Rat Control
As we head into Autumn, rats and other vermin are back on the agenda as pests head in from open spaces and head towards farms and populated areas on the look out for food. Offering a full range of poisons, traps and boxes - don't forget if you are part of a farm assurance scheme, you can buy professional use products.

You can view a full range of rat poisons and other pest control products by clicking the link.

Health & Safety
Safety is paramount no matter what you business - but especially in agriculture. We have extended our protective clothing range which now includes more dust masks and respiratory products.

Poultry Vitamins
Lastly, whilst the hot weather may be a distant memory, Poultry vitamins and products are still on the agenda. Our D3 vitamin supplement is still flying off the shelves as well as Shell Max, whilst specialist disinfectants to fight against Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidium are now selling such as Cyclex from Kilco.