Digrain One Shot 300ml

Product code: 8413

Make: Lodi
BRAND: Digrain

Digrain One Shot is a flying and crawling insect spray. Total release can, press and twist nozzle for automatic release offering a similar consistancy to fogging or can be used as a standard aerosol. Digrain One Shot is ideal for roof areas and cluster flies as well as many other flying insects and environments. Digrain One Shot is easy to use and leaves no deposits. Total release aerosol (can also be used as a conventional fly spray). 300ml can treats 300m3 in 2 mins 52 seconds. 30 second burst treats 50m3. No exclusion times, simply vent after use.

Digrain One Shot contains 1.46% Permethrin.

HSE 7711. Professional Use Only.

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Digrain One Shot 300ml