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Avian Influenza 6th December 2016
On 6 December 2016 Defra announced an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to help protect poultry from a highly pathogenic strain of avian flu present in Europe. The zone covers the whole of England and will remain in place for 30 days (until 6 January).


If you keep poultry you must keep a close watch for any signs of disease. If you have any concerns about the health of your poultry, you must quickly seek advice from your vet.

All bird keepers must now take extra biosecurity steps, including:

  • minimising direct and indirect contact between poultry and wild birds
  • making sure that feed and water can’t be accessed by wild birds
  • taking all reasonable precautions to avoid the transfer of contamination between premises, including cleansing and disinfection of equipment, vehicles and footwear
  • reducing the movement of people, vehicles or equipment to and from areas where poultry or captive birds are kept
  • implementing effective vermin control programmes around buildings where poultry or captive birds are kept
  • thoroughly cleansing and disinfecting housing and equipment at the end of a production cycle
  • keeping disinfectant at the right concentration at key points such as farm entrances and entrances to bird houses
Bovine TB

Here at farmchem we stock 3 disinfectants that have Defra Tuberculosis Orders.

FAM 30 - 1:20 dilution.
Virophor - 1:33 dilution.
Virkon LSP - 1:15 dilution.